Ferme de Fontenay

Zero pesticide residue” commitment

Zero pesticide residue commitment


Ferme de Fontenay is involved in a Zero* Pesticide Residue programme
* Within the limits of quantification (smallest quantifiable value by laboratories) of the active substances analysed on our condiments.

We are part of a citizen movement of French fruit and vegetable producers committed to agricultural and environmental progress.
Listening to consumers, we defend healthy food for the greatest number by working to strengthen everyone’s trust.

To honour this promise, we are now able to offer our products with Zero Pesticide Residue. A strong gesture in favour of sustainable development.


Our commitment is based on:
– The involvement of voluntary producers, aware of the stakes and concerned to defend agricultural practices that respect man and his environment
– Specifications based on a combination of good agricultural practices
– Total traceability from the plot to the shelf
– Active substance analyses carried out by an independent laboratory accredited by COFRAC
– Control by a third party independent of the entire reference system

Find out more about our programme on our website www.nouveaux-champs.fr



This guarantee is the result of strict precautions that Ferme de Fontenay takes throughout the growing process:

  • A selection of varieties and cultivated plots.
  • Rigorous monitoring of cultivated plots
  • A minimum 5-year crop rotation on the plot
  • A crop protection plan including alternative practices that are more respectful of the natural environment such as: pest trapping or mechanical weeding.
  • A technical adviser accompanying partner producers in compliance with the zero pesticide residue specifications.
    An analysis plan is defined to guarantee our commitment. Analyses are carried out on samples taken at random from the production plot. However, it cannot guarantee total consistency of the plot.