Ferme de Fontenay

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Our production

Production in France
“Direct Production”
The Ferme de Fontenay has specialised in the production of condiments for about thirty years .
Nearly 400 ha of condiments are grown every year within an 80 km radius between the Champagne-Ardenne region and the Ile-de-France region.
Every year, we harvest an approximate volume of:

• 26,000 tonnes of yellow onions
• 1,500 tonnes of coloured onions (red, pink, white, sweet)
• 300 tonnes of pearl onions
• 600 tonnes of traditional shallots and seeds
• 500 tonnes of banana shallots
• 200 tonnes of garlic
• 10 ha of “Organic Agriculture” onions

Ideal territories for a year-round offer
The typical characteristics of the natural regions of Nogent (clay and limestone soil, North of the Aube), the Champagne plains (chalky soil, South of the Aube), the Bassée (very sandy soil, South-East of the Seine and Marne), and the Provinois (clay soil, South of the Seine and Marne), allow us to propose you a French offer almost all year round.

French offer and import calendar

The Ferme de Fontenay has a storage capacity of 12,000 tonnes located directly adjacent to the packaging buildings.
After harvesting, the products are stored in different types of bulk or pallet box storage capable of drying, ventilating, regulating and cooling the products.
All products in storage are identified by a batch number determined at the time of growth.
The various storage boxes are connected by radio frequency in order to be able to monitor the storage conditions at all times.

Production abroad
To meet the needs of its customers and ensure constant quality throughout the year, Ferme de Fontenay has created a network of production partners throughout the world that guarantees that its products meet the same traceability and sustainable agriculture requirements as those it applies on its farm