Ferme de Fontenay

our Packaging Centre

Our packaging centre

Product packaging is carried out at two sites 500 metres away where about 30 employees work.
The finished product packaging station, with a capacity of 200 tonnes per day, was completely redesigned and automated in 2013.
It is divided into three distinct zones:

  • an upstream zone which includes the de-stalking, sorting, grading and hopper loading lines;
  • a packaging zone composed of 6 automated bagging lines adapted to all types of packaging (from 250 g nets to 25 kg bags);
  • a shipping zone composed of three loading docks where the product is released after a final inspection.

The semi-finished product packaging station, operational since 2014, has a surface area of 1000m2 divided into 2 distinct zones:

  • an upstream zone which includes the earth removal, sorting, grading, pallet box and big bag loading lines;
  • a shipping zone composed of two loading docks where products are released after a final inspection

Delivery guaranteed within the shortest lead times

The geographical location of Ferme de Fontenay, 100 km south-east of Rungis, is an undeniable asset to be able to deliver as quickly as possible anywhere in France and Europe.

The reactivity and versatility of the production tools
allow us to respond very quickly to all your requests (volume operations, promotional events or emergency orders).