Ferme de Fontenay

our Commitments


Limited use of pesticides

commits us to:

  • a rotation of at least 5 years per plot
  • use of variety resistant to
  • careful selection of land
  • use of weather stations to model fungal risks


Our approach “zero residues”

  • by setting up new irrigation systems (ramp, drip)
  • by the use of tensiometer


Fertilization is adapted to the needs of the plant

thanks to an analysis of the nitrogen residues and the main nutrients.

renewable energies

The operation also committed to renewable energies by installing solar panels on storage buildings and by recovering organic waste in biogas.


Our farm and the majority of partner farms are under GLOBALG.A.P. certification

Converting Plots into Organic Farming

The ISO 9001, 14001 and IFS V6 certifications of its packaging center.



La Ferme de Fontenay engages in a Zero Residue of Pesticides program *.

*Within quantification limits (lowest quantifiable value by laboratories) active substances analyzed on our products.


New Fields Collective

We are a citizen movement of French fruit and vegetable producers engaged in a process of agricultural and environmental progress.

Listening to consumers, we defend the well-being, for the greatest number, by working to build the confidence of all.