Ferme de Fontenay

Did you know?

If you still cry when peeling an onion, try peeling it under a running cold water tap or freeze it 15 minutes before!

A strong smell of garlic or onion on your hands after chopping them? Remember to wash your hands with lemon juice or rub them with a metal spoon.

What is the difference between banana shallots and shallots?

Both are from the same allium family, the banana shallot is more elongated in shape.
From the bulb, the shallot forms 2 or 3 buds that can be seen when cut. The banana shallot has only one.

In terms of taste, they are also different. The banana shallot is half way between an onion, and is closer to its flavour as it grows in size

Garlic, onion: cooked or raw?

Raw! To make the most of their aromas. Remember to grate them finely on your savoury preparations, vegetables, meat, fish, salads…